April 22, 2020 

      Since 2010 (unless otherwise noted below): 

  1. Become a Net‐negative Energy Consumer 

  • Total energy use slightly lower, despite 15 new buildings and major additionsto campus 

  • ~20% growth in campus space with almost no increase of UI’s building energy carbon footprintdue to energy conservation efforts 

  • $20 million spent on 35 building projects for energy conservation (HVAC improvements, occupancy sensor and indoor air quality controls, and LED lighting upgrades) 

  1. Green Our Energy Portfolio 

  • 40% of UI energy consumption from renewable energy sources 

  • 75% reduction in annual coal consumption 

  • 33% renewable energy in purchased fuels portfolio  

  • 50% of UI purchased power from wind energy

  1. Decrease Our Production of Waste 

  • 43% of UI waste diverted from the landfill 

  • 70% more waste diverted from the landfill than in 2010 

  • 18% decrease in total waste produced on UI campus

  1. Reduce the Carbon Impact of Transportation 

  • 100% of CAMBUS transit bus fleet powered by clean-diesel technology 

  • ~20 million single occupant vehicle miles reduced through the U-PASS Program 

  • 8% increase in U-PASS membership since 2016 

  • 75% of public parking facilities with electric vehicle charging stations

  1. Increase Student Opportunities to Learn and Practice Principles of Sustainability 

  • 387 students granted the Sustainability Certificate, 4th most awarded certificate 

  • 7 students currently enrolled in the newSustainability Science major,launched in fall 2019 

  • The UI Sustainability Science major is:

    • one of only five offered in the Big Ten

    • only one in the Iowa Regents University group

  • Over $44,000 of sustainability-related work supported through the UISG and GPSG Green Initiatives Fund— a funding opportunity for sustainability initiatives created in 2014

  1. Support and Grow Interdisciplinary Research in Sustainability‐focused and Related Areas 

  • Over $135 million in funding for sustainability research awarded to UI campus 

  • $269,500 granted for Undergraduate Sustainability Research Fellowships 

  • 118 students awarded Sustainability Research Fellowships 

  • $18 million in external funding awarded to members of the Water Sustainability Research Cluster 

  • 1,489 sustainability research publications by UI faculty and research professionals 

  1. Develop Partnerships to Advance Collaborative Initiatives, both Academic and Operational

  • 188,800 hours contributed by faculty and students and 51 Iowa communities supported via the Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities

  • $97 million in funding secured by the Iowa Flood Center for investments in flood risk mitigation efforts in Iowa watersheds

  • $1,200 spent on local food and products via the UISG farmers market voucher program

  • UI Housing & Dining works with over 20 local Iowa farmers, orchardists, growers, and vendors to purchase local foods and dairy to provide fresher, better-tasting foods and limit our environmental impact. Annual sales >$900K.