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The Sustainability Charter Committee is organizing a Climate Change Literacy Teach-In, to be held on Earth Day, April 22, on campus. Professor Jerry Schnoor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, will provide a keynote address.

Earth Day Climate Change Literacy Teach-in Schedule

Senate Chamber, Old Capitol
9:30 Jerry Schnoor 50 Years Since Earth Day: A Climate Emergency
10:10 Michael Welsh  Announcing Climate Change Competition Open To Students, Staff And Faculty
10: 20-11:20 Barbara Eckstein UN 75th-Anniversary Global Conversations about the Future:  Climate Change
Peter Thorne Climate Change Impacts on Public Health
Jeff Dorale Lessons from a Geologist
11:20-12:20 David Osterberg I Get $1000 Off My State Income Tax If I Install Solar Panels. Really?
Laurie Neuerburg Climate Science & Policy: Navigating the Flood of Information
Brett Cloyd  
Michele Scherer    What Do Climate Change and a Bathtub Have in Common?
Dave Cwiertny
12:20-1:20 Allexis Mahanna       LENA Project: Sustainability & Kids
Autumn Moen
Charlie Stanier Climate Science -- Learn How To Better Explain the Greenhouse Effect
  Matt Hill Lessons From The Past: An Archeologist’s View of Humans in a Changing World
1:20-2:20 Chris Jones The Perfect Storm: Climate Change Meets Iowa Stream Nitrate
Alyssa Clayden How Climate Change Is Impacting International Migration
John Logsdon Biodiversity: What We Know & Why It Matters
2:20-3:20 Connie Mutel Landscape Changes and Climate Change
Erin Irish The Big Co2 Sequestration:  100 Million Years of Rot-Free Wood Formation
CSTS/Riley Troyer Theories of Science Communication: How Failure Leads to Misconceptions and Poor Policy
3:20-4:20 Silvia Secchi The Paris Climate Accord: An Update 
Caitlin Owens Climate Change And Mental Health: Strategies for Self-Care
Brittany Greenbaum
AICHE Climate Change Game Shows

In conjunction with teach-in and collaboration with The Center for New Music, the Sustainability Charter Committee announces the following events:

Nimbus Dance

Nimbus poster of performers in grassy costumes

Samuel Pott, Artistic Director
and the
Center for New Music Ensemble
performing music by Qasim Naqvi in
Patch of Turf   &   Falling Sky (see video)

in two performances in Stark Opera Studio
on April 22, 2020 at 4:30pm and 7:30pm.

a live performance created and performed by MFA in Dance Graduate Students
Angelica DeLashmette-Hurst, Juliet Remmers, and Mariko Ishikawa

in a performance in the Atrium outside the Stark Opera Studio
on April 22, 2020 at 6:00pm.

with Professor Jerry Schnoor "book-ending" Earth day by addressing the Stark audience following the evening performance.

(See at

You may also enjoy this #ThrowbackThursday-worthy schedule of events from the first such Teach-In, 50 years ago, on our campus. Feel free to also peruse the April 22, 1970 Daily Iowan Earth Day edition.

ENVIRONMENTAL TEACH-IN Campus Ministers, students, faculty and staff have combined efforts in support of an environmental teach-in to be held the week of April 20. According to Constance Heneke of Living Iowans for a Healthy Environment, the goals of the teach-in are to educate the population on problems the nation is facing, to stimulate action to improve our environment, and to provide an overview of the complexities of problems in our environment and the need for American cooperation. T