In her 2008 Earth Day speech, President Mason challenged the University community to integrate sustainability deeply into our learning, discovery, and outreach missions. The University of Iowa had set sustainability targets to be met on or before December 31, 2020.

This report offers a summary of the achievements made towards these goals over the last ten years, however, we want to acknowledge that it represents just a small portion of all the progress that has been made by our campus community to advance Sustainability at Iowa.

Note: links within report will bring reader to additional data, stories, and resources.

Cover to 2020 Sustainability Goals Report

Report on Progress towards the 2020 Goals: Top Metrics - published on Earth Day 2020

Stay tuned for individual target reports to be accessed below. Additional resources may be added as deemed relevant and informational.

1. Achieve Net-Negative Energy Growth

2. Green Our Energy Portfolio

3. Decrease Our Production of Waste

4. Reduce the Carbon Impact of Transportation

5. Increase Student Opportunities to Learn and Practice Principles of Sustainability

6. Support and Grow Interdisciplinary Research in Sustainability-Focused and Related Areas

7. Develop Partnerships to Advance Collaborative Initiatives, Both Academic and Operational